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Need help to get solar for your home?

Have you thought about getting solar panels at home, but just not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the options and not sure who to trust?

We’ve created a simple email short-course to explain how solar works, whether it stacks up financially for you and how you can find trustworthy, local solar installers to sell you a system.


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How to disconnect from gas in your home

Do you have gas in your home and, if yes, can you disconnect from it?

One of the best ways to cut your home energy consumption and the greenhouse gases you produce is to stop using natural gas!

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How to save energy and $$$ at home

Want to save energy and money at home but done know where to begin?

Using less energy at home by being more efficient is the quickest way to save money on your bills and cut your household’s greenhouse emissions.

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Switch Your Halogen Downlights To LED For Free

At ReEnergise Geelong we always have our eye out for good deals to help future proof your home. This week we found an offer that's totally free, and could save you around $500 a year...

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