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How to disconnect from gas in your home

Do you have gas in your home and, if yes, can you disconnect from it?


One of the best ways to cut your home energy consumption and the greenhouse gases you produce is to stop using natural gas!

I know - we’ve been told for years that gas is more efficient and cheaper and the government rolled out natural gas far and wide. But you may have heard that things have changed. Gas prices are rising rapidly. Australian gas prices are linked to global gas prices as we sell so much of our gas overseas. Prices are going up because there is less and less gas (like many other resources).

So the best thing a household can do is switch away from gas as you replace old appliances like hot water, heating or cooking. Or if you’re building a new home, don’t connect to gas at all. Electric appliances these days are actually more efficient than gas ones so you will use less energy – and your solar panels can supply your electricity needs.

A quick guide to how to switch from gas to electricity in your home is here.

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