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Meet the owner of Geelong's first solar powered general store!

In the back streets of St Albans there is bustling general store that’s powered by sunlight, great ideas and a passion for all things sustainable. We had a chat to the owner, Mick, who showed us how he’s used solar power, energy efficiency to cut costs and build the resilience of his business.

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Solar powered business - the future face of Geelong's economy

We visited Business Technology Solutions (BTS), one of the thriving Geelong business that’s leading the charge in energy efficiency and renewables.  We spoke to Stan Corner, CEO, to find out their business case for solar, and how sustainable, community-focused enterprises are shaping Geelong’s future.

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Vicky is a professional Carbon Manager, and she bought a lovely 1948 house in Manifold Heights.  Step by step she implemented a series of simple projects, and took it from a 2 star energy rated home to 4.5 stars.  

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When we visited Irith and Stephen’s home in Manifold Heights, the first thing we noticed was how light-filled, warm and comfortable it was on a cold August afternoon. And it’s not only beautiful and comfortable, but it also generates most of their electricity needs on site.  We had a chat about their approach to building their super-efficient, passive solar house and their cutting edge heating and energy generation technologies.  

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Tasch and Dan take the leap into solar

Solar panels are a big investment, and many of us can feel bamboozled by the variety of installers,  technologies and prices.  To help cut through the confusion, ReEnergise Geelong is gathering solar stories from our community to get the tips from people who’ve already taken the plunge. 

This week we visited Tasch and Dan in West Geelong, who are very happy with the 4kw photovoltaic (PV) system they installed 18 months ago.  We asked them about how they decided on their system, and how their investment stacks up now that the big feed in tariffs have dried up... 

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How to live off-grid even near sunny Melbourne

Little River locals Emma and Mike Sutcliffe went off-grid when the cost to connect to power topped $45,000.  Three years later, the family of four are still happily enjoying an energy-bill free lifestyle on their semi-rural property.  This story first appeared in Renew Economy.

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