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Re-Energise Geelong

Who is ReEnergise Geelong?

We are a Geelong-based community organisation working to re-power our city in partnership with other local community groups, state government, local councils and Geelong businesses. Our goal is for Geelong to be using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Why has ReEnergise Geelong formed?

ReEnergise Geelong was formed by people in the Geelong community who want to get on with creating a new economic future for our city. Renewable industries are growing rapidly around the world, and household and community owned renewable schemes are growing exponentially in other advanced economies. Renewable energy creates jobs and long term reductions in the cost of running a household or business. ReEnergise Geelong formed to take the politics out of renewable energy, and get on with the innovative partnerships and projects that will lead the energy revolution in Geelong.

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