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ReEnergise Community Engagement team generating power at the grass roots


Our first ReEnergise Geelong community engagement meeting took place only a month ago where we learnt about the ReEnergise Goals and Vision for Geelong to be using 100% renewable energy by 2030 and how we would engage with the community to create a groundswell of support. We all agreed to meet with like minded groups to spread the word.

The outcome of such meetings you could say falls nothing short of amazing! You could safely say that ReEnergise Geelong has been embraced whole heartedly and 100% by the community we have engaged with so far. Such groups that signed on to support us are;Community-Engagement-Training.jpg

  • Geelong West Neighbourhood House
  • Green Earth Electrical
  • Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast Branc
  • Second Nature Engineering
  • Barwon Heads Sustainability Group
  • Bellarine Catchment Network
  • Sloane Photography
  • Diversitat
  • 3228 Residents Association
  • Torquay Spring Creek Community House

If you are a community group or business that would also like to show your support and share the same passion that we have for seeing a city fully powered by renewable energy in the future please contact us. We have a whole team of people that are ready and waiting to share our story about 100% Renewable Energy for Geelong!

You can also get involved with our community engagement team or volunteer in other ways, leave us your details here.

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