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Switch Your Halogen Downlights To LED For Free

At ReEnergise Geelong we always have our eye out for good deals to help future proof your home. This week we found an offer that's totally free, and could save you around $500 a year...

If you have more than 8 halogen down lights in your home, Bendigo Bank is offering free replacement of those old energy guzzlers with new efficient LED down lights!

In the '80's and '90's everyone thought halogen down lights were really edgy and cool. Unfortunately, we were all wrong. Each halogen down light creates a lot of waste heat, and uses more energy than 7 LED down lights combined. So if you have more than 8 old style halogen down lights, and you switch them over to new LEDs, you can save more than $500 a year on your power bill.

LED-downlight.pngThe added bonus is that LED downlights last 25 times longer than the old halogen lights, so you'll also cut your maintenance hassle and replacement costs. Also, for every replaced down light, Bendigo Bank will donate $1 to a local school sustainability project.

You don't have to bank with Bendigo Bank to join in - just drop into your local branch and register for the 'Switch to Save' service, or register online here. Bendigo Bank and their partner Energy Makeovers will arrange for a local, qualified electrician to do the free replacement.

Stay informed! We'll let you know about free stuff and good deals in our region to help you transition your home and cut your bills. Add your voice to ReEnergise Geelong to stay in the loop.

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